How To Choose An Apartment Fragrance

When it comes to making an apartment smell wonderful and smell inviting, apartment fragrance is important. If you have moved into a new apartment and you are looking for ways to make the place feel comfortable and welcoming, then consider putting some money into your own personal aroma therapy. While you won’t be replacing the actual scent of the apartment, you can make a very similar impression. And best of all, there are no fragrances to buy or clean up afterward.

Apartment fragrance can range from light and airy to spicy and woody. Some scents will be more suited to particular environments, such as a sunny spot in the courtyard or a serene space by the water. It’s really easy to find what you like in terms of scent. The trick is knowing which scent will be right for the place. Also, consider your personal likes and dislikes when choosing the fragrance of your choice.

Before you start with the hunt, make a list of things that you want from your scent. Are you looking for a hint of something exotic or sexy? Maybe you just want a subtle hint of cedar and dirt. Take notes on what you find so that you don’t get lost along the way. In terms of design and style, choose one that matches the style of the place you have chosen. You can find plenty of ideas online or ask friends for advice.

Next, you need to choose the scent that you want. This may be your favorite scent but it isn’t necessary the most popular. If you know someone who smokes in the apartment you plan to stay in, then choose something with a strong tobacco flavor. You should also realize that certain scents will be stronger or fragrances and others may be less strong.

Once you have decided on the scent, read the labels to ensure that it will not create an allergic reaction. For example, if you are allergic to citrus then choose another scent or try a less citrus scent. Keep in mind that some scents are stronger than others and they may irritate your skin or body.

Now all you need to do is place the bottle inside your apartment and light up a cigarette. Don’t worry about others getting the scent on them because the scent is supposed to evaporate over time. You can leave the light on overnight and come home to a clean scent. The scent will linger on for a few hours after opening the bottle, then it too will dissipate. Since it has a low aerosol effect, it shouldn’t matter if you wear the scent for several hours after lighting a cigarette. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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